“Experiencing the Bloom” is the title of this picture that I took in my backyard.  Each of us are a story just waiting to be told.

Welcome to my Blog!

This is a candid and personal view of how, at times, we sit and try to “direct” our lives.  While we certainly have many choices and decisions to make, do we have the entire script to adequately make all decisions on our own?  It is interesting to me how many times I find myself directing “scenes” and “locations” that fall short of the plot of the “story” that was intended for me.

I share these writings with you from my heart!

I encourage your feedback and opinions on my writing. I would also love to hear about you and your life experiences you have had as you journey through the pages of your life’s story.

Please know that I retain all rights to the content on my blog. All articles and images here cannot be reprinted or distributed without my prior written permission.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Bethany R. Jackson


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  1. markhappyguy

    Great to have met you tonight Bethany! Let’s connect. Mark Hashizume, markhappyguy@gmail.com

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